Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wildflowers at Tony Grove

It is July and the wildflowers at Tony Grove are breathtaking. My kids are pretty cute too (love the cherry stains on Luke's chin)! Here are some pics of a recent trip to our favorite mountain lake.

Tony Grove... reason enough for a new camera

I think I need a new camera.  Tony Grove is brilliant this year, and look at these photos.  You can hardly see the flowers.  Everything is washed out.  Must be the camera, since it couldn't possibly be user error!  I'll stick to taking pics of my kids... even when they turn out bad, they are still good!

Blame Uncle JC

My brother JC loves to claim his nephews somehow magically inherited his DNA. Now we have proof.

If only I had caught on video the projectile removal of the flowers from the nostrils by snorting...

Annie Oakley

Emma doing her best frontier impression.

The Boys

We just need little Daxton here to make this shot complete.


Hanging out at Tony Grove with the cousins. My sister and I tried in earnest to get a "frame worthy" shot out of this group. These pics were the best of many attempts... the others could be used as blackmail!

Ben's daily ritual

Poor Emma can't escape!